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ONIDA Service Center in Hyderabad

Onida Service Center in Hyderabad

Onida is an Indian brand in the manufacturing of consumer electronics and consumer durable products. The Onida products are one of the most preferred consumer durables in the households of Hyderabad. When comes to Onida after sales services, the Onida Service Center in Hyderabad does a professional repair services to Onida product consumers. There are also authorized Onida quick service providers like Electronicservicecenter.in for your entire urgent repair service requirement in Hyderabad.

Onida Consumer Electronics and Home appliances products-

  • Onida AC
  • Onida Air Conditioner
  • Onida Air Cooler
  • Onida LCD
  • Onida Microwave Oven
  • Onida Refrigerator
  • Onida Washing Machine

Onida AC Service Center in Hyderabad

The summer season is up and your Onida AC may start mull functioning due to thermostatic reasons. You may feel discomfort able when your Onida AC is not working. The first step you do is to get the assistance from Onida Service Center in Hyderabad. You prefer them since; your Onida AC is in warranty period. However, if you want instant relief from hot temperature in your home or office you require a quick service from Electronicservicecenter.in. They are multi-brand repair service provider in Hyderabad, who is authorized to do Onida AC repair service for warranty AC and out of warranty AC. You can book your Onida AC complaint request from your smart phones.

Onida Air Cooler Service Center in Hyderabad

The Onida Air Cooler is most common cooler you can see in the households of Hyderabad. When it stops functioning, you will really feel the heat prevailing in the day and night time. Your Onida Air Cooler may not work for various reasons external or internal to it. This also depends up on your manual handling. When such fault arises, you will call the Onida Service Center in Hyderabad. The common problem you may face are-

  • Onida Air Cooler is switch on, but not working
  • Water not circulation in my Onida Air Cooler
  • Too much, noise while functioning
  • Onida Air Cooler fan not rotating
  • Water leakage in my Onida Air Cooler
  • Onida Air Cooler plug cable burnout
  • Water level indicator not functioning
  • Onida Air Cooler control knob not working

For the above minor and major faults, the Electronicservicecenter.in. can do a quick repair service for your Onida Air Cooler as doorstep service.

Onida TV Service Center in Hyderabad

The Onida LCD TV are trouble free and you cannot expect those external factors on your home may affect your Onida LCD TV like-

  • Wiring faults
  • Wrong Stabilizer use
  • Placing 5.1 speaker set close to the Onida LCD TV
  • Plug-in of other AV devices

The above factors can mull function your Onida LCD TV and for quick service you can get the professional repair service from Electronicservicecenter.in.

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