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Bajaj Service Center in Hyderabad

Bajaj Service Center in Hyderabad

The Bajaj home appliances are popular for durable and cheap products, available in the consumer durable market among other competitors in India. The Bajaj home appliance products like Bajaj Water Geyser, Bajaj Air Cooler, Bajaj Geyser, Bajaj Microwave oven and Bajaj Cooler is present in the households of Hyderabad for decades and still functioning due to the quality services provided by Bajaj Service Center in Hyderabad. It is advisable for the users of Bajaj products in Hyderabad to get professional service from an authorized Bajaj service provider only. The Electronicservicewcenter.in is one of the smart service providers who provides online assistance to book complaints and provide a professional service to Bajaj product consumers in Hyderabad.

Bajaj Air Cooler Service Center in Hyderabad

The air coolers are most common to find in the households of Hyderabad in the summer months. However, these coolers may be kept aside in the remaining season as unused. When you take out for this summer, it may make noise or not at all function. This is due to resting of metal parts and components due to moisture. It is advisable to get the professional assistance from Bajaj Service Centre in Hyderabadto service Bajaj Air Cooler timely so that your summer days in Hyderabad will be cool and pleasant in your home and office. The below are few prominent complaints happening with Air Coolers.

    Block in Pump and Tubes-

The water source you may use in your air cooler may be of more alkaline and often get algae and stuck on you value and pump making obstacles to water flow.

    Noise in Motor and Fan -

The bearings of motor and fan may go rust if unused for months. It requires cleaning and greasing to function noiseless.

    Water Leakage-

The water leakage may happen due to miss handling of Bajaj Air Coolers. This is a major issue and the service from Bajaj Service Center in Hyderabad can seal those water leaks professionally.

    Blockades on Vent-

The vent of a Bajaj air cooler may look good from outside. However, you have to clean it from inside to remove its dirt and dust accumulates on it. This is an electrical item and it is not advisable to do it yourself. It is advisable to hire the Bajaj Service Center in Hyderabad to clean your Bajaj Air cooler vents professionally.

Bajaj Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad

The Bajaj Microwave oven may get complaints due to mishandling and power fluctuation reasons in Hyderabad. This is an electrical and electronic item and it is not advisable to repair from a local technicians. Only the authorized service provider like Electronicservicecenter.in replace with the original spare parts with trained technicians. This is a high watts product and one should not try do-it yourself approaches or by calling un-authorized service centers present in Hyderabad.


The LED timer and display may malfunction due to power fluctuation in your home. These are very sensitive parts and you need the professional assistance from Electronicservicecenter.in, when comes to Bajaj Microwave oven.

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